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    36. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 34. Week

    36. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 34. Week

    Congratulations! You are at the 9. month of your pregnancy. You are 4-5 week to give birth. That is awesome! Well, what is happening at this week? We tried to reply it for you. Keep reading. Baby’s Development at 36. Week of Pregnancy Baby’s sizes are wondering by women at this week. It is nearly 2.5 kg at this week and the baby’s height can be 46-51 cm. Baby’s system are completed with this week. We talked about placenta all the time but when he/she sucks its first milk, the digestive system is starting to work. It continues to store…

  • Biolog spot cream
    Spot cream

    Biolog spot cream

    Skin spots are one of the most common skin problems. Spot remover cream and spot remover cream questions are a topic that many people consult and seek advice on when it comes to skin care. When there is such an…