14 Most Expensive Cars You Can’t Hide Your Admiration For

When it comes to the world’s best performing cars, the brands that come to mind are almost the same in our opinion. Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Pagani are just a few of them. These brands call themselves the world’s best, fastest and most technological automobile manufacturers, and they are not wrong in this regard. Even if you have the money to buy some of these vehicles, which we will present to you in the form of a list, which are very difficult to reach, it does not seem possible to have some of these vehicles due to the production conditions. Because even if you solve the problem of astronomical money in acquiring these performance vehicles, which are called the best in the world, they can run out before it’s your turn because they are produced in limited numbers. If you wish, let’s examine these supercars, which are faster and more expensive than each other. Here are the most expensive cars.

1. Ferrari – Ferrari

most expensive cars

The price of the vehicle: 1.4 million $

We start our list of the most expensive cars with the model created by the Ferrari brand, called La Ferrari, which is the most affordable super performance vehicle that can be bought with money. La Ferrari, the fastest and most powerful model Ferrari has ever produced, produced only 499 units of this coupe between 2013 and 2016. Produced with a maximum speed of 354 km / h, this car took its place on our list with a sale price that can be considered quite innocent among super performance vehicles. It should also be said that this vehicle is still the model that gives the highest performance produced by Ferrari.

2. Pagani – Huayra

most expensive cars

The price of the vehicle: 1.4 million $

This handsome man you see is the Huayra name model, which Pagani started to produce in 2012. This model, which has a current selling price of $ 1.4 million, is one of the limited edition models. This speed machine, which met with its users with a limited production number of around 100 only in 2012 and 2018, has a 730 horsepower engine. This model, which won the car of the year award in 2012, the year it came off the production line, is known as the “god of the winds”.

3. McLaren – Elva

most expensive cars

The price of the vehicle: 1.7 million $

Elva, the cool kid of the British automotive giant McLaren, has a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. This beast with 804 horsepower works at 590 torque. Although Mclaren announced that it would produce only 399 of this vehicle when it first announced the Elva, it later produced only 249 of this vehicle. It should be noted that this vehicle, which most of you cannot easily obtain, is already sold out when it comes out of production. Elva is on the list of the most expensive cars.

4. Ferrari – Monza

most expensive cars

The price of the vehicle: 1.7 million $

Designed as an open-top convertible with the signature of the world’s most famous automotive manufacturer Ferrari, the Monza is one of the best examples of how a real sports car can look with its 2-seater design. When we examine the technical details of the vehicle, we see an 809 horsepower V12 engine in this vehicle. The 6.5-liter gas tank probably meets the kind of fuel consumption that can really upset you when you drive this vehicle. To share an interesting anecdote about this vehicle, you cannot legally go out on the street with Monza in the USA because this vehicle qualifies as a performance vehicle that can cause an accident in the United States.

5. Bentley – Bacalar

most expensive cars

The price of the vehicle: 1.9 million $

Bacalar, the performance model of Bentley, another British giant, deserves its place in this list of the most expensive cars. In addition to the flamboyant design of this car, the neat technical details it has will undoubtedly carry the interest towards the vehicle to the heights. This model, which uses a 6-liter turbocharged V12 engine, has a total 660 horsepower engine. If you have $1.9 million and you have decided to buy this car, we have bad news for you because Bentley produced only 12 of this vehicle.

6. Pininfarina – Battista

The price of the vehicle: 2.5 million $

Taking its name from the company’s founder, Battista Farina, this model draws attention as it is an all-electric model. Seeing that electric vehicles are now among the performance vehicles with the best features in the world, as it seems, is shown as an example that fossil fuel vehicles can no longer hold this market completely. This vehicle, which has an incredible 1827 horsepower, guarantees that you can see this speed in less than 2 seconds if the start from 0 to 60 is not enough for you.

7. Mercedes – AMG Project One

The price of the vehicle: 2.7 million $

Mercedes announced the first announcement of the AMG Project One model in March 2017, but this vehicle has not yet entered production. Those who make fun of the fact that this hyper-featured vehicle, which has been expected to be produced for 5 years, has not yet been released, will probably not be able to have the luxury of owning this vehicle when it comes off the production line, because if this monster goes on sale today, it will have a selling price of 2.7 million dollars. It should also be noted that this vehicle, which will have a 1200 horsepower engine, is a hybrid model.

8. Aston Martin – Victor

The price of the vehicle: 3 million $

This masterpiece, created by the British automotive giant Aston Martin, is one of the most special production projects ever made. One of the most interesting features of the vehicle is that the development of this model takes place with the help of many donors. This model, whose technical details have not been disclosed so far, will become clear in the future. When it comes out, it will meet with its buyer for 3 million dollars.

9. Aston Martin – Valkrye

The price of the vehicle: 3.2 million $

Here we are with another Aston Martin model, the Valkrye model, which takes its name from Scandinavian mythology. This model, which has an incredible technical data with its Cosworth-sourced 6.5-liter V12 engine and 1160 horsepower, has not been produced yet. When the vehicle comes off the production line, its probable price is expected to be between $2.6 million and $3.2 million, but according to famous automotive critics, this price will be met with buyers at a price of around $3.2 million.

10. Bugatti – Chiron Pur Sport

The price of the vehicle: 3.6 million $

Chiron Pur Sport, which started to be produced at the end of 2020 as a new generation Chiron variation, which attracts attention as a model that fascinates those who see it at the Geneva automotive fair, stands out with its unique design. This vehicle, which is preferred as an 8-liter turbo engine V12, has a horsepower of 1500 in total, pushing the limits of the mind. The price of this vehicle, which was produced with a new design aerodynamic idea not seen in previous Chiron models, was determined as 3.6 million dollars.

12. Lamborghini – Sian

The price of the vehicle: 3.6 million $

Although it has a design based on the Avendator SVJ, this vehicle, which is designed with a very aggressive image, stands out as one of the first electricity generation ideas of this brand. In addition to the engine, which was produced with reference to the V12 engine from SVJ, a 48-volt mild hybrid system was added. Electric-sourced engine power, on the other hand, seems to cause only 63 units of this model to be produced, which will reach a power of 819 horsepower.

13. Mercedes – Maybach Exelero

The price of the vehicle: 8 to 10 million $

When the Maybach Exelero, a concept vehicle that Mercedes aims to produce as a hybrid model of the much loved Maybach model in luxury consumption, is produced, the electric motor will be a model with 690 horsepower and a speed of 350 km per hour. It should be noted that only 1 of this model will be produced, and contrary to the optimistic estimates of 8-10 million dollars, it will come to light with a sales price of more than 10 million dollars.

14. Rolls Royce – Boat Tail

Estimated price of the vehicle: 28 million $

Rolls Royse Boat Tail is at the end of our list of the most expensive cars. Only 1 of this model, which has a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine and a power of 563 horsepower, was produced. The technology and possibilities behind this vehicle, whose buyer is kept secret, will astonish those who see it. This vehicle, which takes the name Boat Tail from a boat analogy, wins with a boat analogy that will do justice to its name in terms of design. A design idea that can be opened at the rear of the vehicle and resembles a wing was used. The fact that an umbrella comes out of these wings increases the interestingness level of this car. Although it has been announced by Rolls Royce that it is a one-time production, it signals that interesting models to order may be produced again in the future.

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