A city worth tiring: places to visit in Bursa

Bursa offers a truly wonderful combination of places to visit, historical importance, cuisine and nature. Whether you’re on a long vacation or a little weekend getaway, it’s impossible to get bored here. But let’s say in advance, when you get hungry in Bursa, you will be very confused! Yes, we will immediately go to eat İskender kebab! You might think, but Bursa’s cuisine is quite rich and believe me, all the dishes are delicious.

How would you like to start with the places to visit in Bursa to explore this magnificent city, which was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, more closely?

Time travel: historical places of Bursa

Historical Ottoman houses in Bursa Cumalıkızık Village.

Bursa; It is a city where time stands still, bearing the traces of great empires such as Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, where history literally flows from every corner. Therefore, if you have a deep interest in the past, the places to visit in Bursa will undoubtedly fill you with history.

Grand Mosque

Bursa Grand Mosque.
Ulu Mosque, one of the most important historical buildings of Bursa.

When it comes to places to visit in Bursa, we start with the first building that comes to mind, namely the Great Mosque. The Great Mosque, which carries the architectural traces of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, was built between 1396-1400. The most striking detail that makes this mosque special is its pulpit carved from walnut wood and engraved with the Milky Way Galaxy. You should definitely see this interesting detail and the fascinating atmosphere inside by visiting the Great Mosque, which rises in all its glory with its two minarets in the middle of the city.

Koza Han and Khans Area

Bursa, Koza Han.
The historical Koza Han in Bursa.

There are many historical inns in Bursa. The historical origin of these inns is based on the Silk Road trade. As you know, the most important trade product of this road is silk, and the silk is in Bursa! Koza Han, which was built as a place to stay for traders traveling along the Silk Road, is the most famous of the inns in Bursa. Today, when you go to Koza Han, which has become a place for product sales, you can sit in the garden and relax while sipping your tea or Turkish coffee after shopping.

Besides Koza Han; Fidan Han, Geyve Han, Emir Han and Balibey Hans are also amazing places worth visiting!

Green Mosque and Green Tomb

Green Tomb, one of the symbols of Bursa.

Every city has buildings that have become symbols and are now integrated with that city. While exploring the historical places to visit in Bursa, it is impossible to miss two buildings that have exactly this feature!

Well, have you ever thought about why the adjective green was added before Bursa? Yes, Bursa is a city full of greenery, but the main reason why it is called Green Bursa is the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb. The historical Green Mosque is a remarkable place of worship with its unique tile coverings.

The Green Tomb, located just one street behind the Yeşil Mosque, is one of the symbolic structures of the city with its architectural beauty and visibility from all over Bursa. The detail that makes this tomb special is that it is the only tomb among the Ottoman architectural works whose entire wall is covered with tiles.

In Bursa, the city of Evliyas, there are many complexes besides the tombs. Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex and Muradiye Complex are the structures you should see during your trip.

Tophane Clock Tower, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi tombs

Bursa Tophane Clock Tower.
The historical Tophane Clock Tower in Bursa.

Now we are turning our route towards Tophane Park, the most touristic one among the places to visit in Bursa. Here, you will see the Tophane Clock Tower with all its majesty, 6 floors and 65 meters long. You can visit the tombs of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi, located in the same park, after climbing the historical tower and watching Bursa from that angle and taking magnificent photos. Bursa Castle, also located in the Tophane region, is one of the oldest touristic structures witnessing the history of the city.

Irgandı Bridge

Bursa, Irgandı Bridge.
The historical Irgandı Bridge with a bazaar on it.

“Anything is in the old days!” As they say, the Irgandı Bridge also suffered a great earthquake and was bombed during the War of Independence, but it still managed to survive with its solidity. Located in the Yıldırım region of Bursa, this historical bridge looks very similar to other bridges when viewed from the outside, but differs from the others in one detail. On top of Bursa Irgandı Bridge, there is a bazaar where traditional handicrafts are exhibited. Moreover, there are few bridges in the world with a bazaar on it. While exploring the places to visit in Bursa, make sure to visit this rare bridge and don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Worth seeing: Bursa museums

Bursa Tofaş Anatolian Cars Museum.
Image by muzeler.org

Culture, art and history gush out of this city! Therefore, if you want to spare time for museums in your list of places to visit in Bursa, start by taking a pen and paper and making a small list. Because there are so many museums worth seeing here! For example, start your exploration with fun at Bursa Karagöz Museum, which features depictions of the Karagöz play. Then, take a journey into the history of the car industry by visiting the first and only Tofaş Bursa Anatolian Cars Museum in Turkey. Besides these; Hünkar Mansion Museum, Bursa Conquest Museum, Bursa City Museum, Bursa Migration History Museum and Merinos Energy Museum should also find a place on your list!

Enjoy the winter here: Uludag Ski Center

Turkey’s largest winter and nature sports address, Uludag Ski Center.

Let’s take you winter sports enthusiasts, Uludag is next! Uludağ, the first address that comes to mind when skiing is mentioned, has the largest winter and nature sports center in Turkey. There are 15 private and 12 official accommodation centers in Uludag, which fascinates with its magnificent views and the presence of snow between October and April. Moreover, there are many teleski and chairlift lines belonging to these accommodation centers. Of course, it is not necessary to do winter sports at Uludağ Ski Center. You can go on long nature walks on the magnificent track in Uludağ National Park. Besides, after spending energy, the taste of sausage bread will be different, right?

Transportation to Bursa Uludağ is extremely easy. You can go up the mountain in half an hour by cable car. You can reach Bursa station of the cable car line by your private car or by bus number 94 departing from Bursa Bus Terminal.

There are plenty of options, the decision is difficult: What to eat in Bursa?

Bursa Iskender Kebab.
The famous Iskender Kebab of Bursa.

We’ve come to the most appetizing part! Let us warn you in advance, this part of your mind constantly “Even if we eat!” you will read. Most likely, everyone who will go to this unique city has the legendary Bursa İskender kebab at the top of the list of places to visit in Bursa. Yes, definitely eat that famous Iskender kebab, but make room for other Bursa delicacies in your stomach.

For example, in Bursa, there is a fact called meatballs with pita. People flock to the city from all over Turkey to eat this meatball, which is at least as famous as Iskender. In addition, Bursa bagel, cantik, delicious pita with tahini (tahini) and of course the famous chestnut candy are the other iconic tastes of the city. In addition to these delicacies, if you want to have a nice breakfast while you are in Bursa, keep in mind the Ottoman period heritage of Cumalıkızık Village. Because here, an incredibly enjoyable breakfast blended with local products awaits you.

Also, don’t forget to bring Bursa candied chestnuts as a gift to your loved ones on the way back to your city, or they may be offended by you!

Don’t miss out on seeing it: Places to visit around Bursa

Bursa, Young.
Old wooden houses in Mudanya, the coastal town of Bursa.

Bursa is an ideal city for those who want to fit several different routes into the same trip. Because there are incredibly beautiful places to see around. For example, Mudanya and Tirilye, two extremely charming seaside towns, are a delicious alternative for those who want to get away from the city and take in the sea air. Moreover, among the places to visit in Bursa Mudanya, there is the Mudanya Armistice House, which has a key importance for our history.

The list of places to visit in Bursa is quite long. Gölyazı, the islet on Ulubat Lake, İznik, famous for its historical sites and lake, Suuçtu Waterfall, a real natural wonder, Soğanlı Botanical Park, and the 600-odd year old İnkaya Plane on the Uludağ road.

Accommodation options in Bursa

Bursa, Nilufer.
Historical houses located in Bursa, Nilüfer.

If you want to fully explore the city during your trip to Bursa, located in the center; You can stay in hotels or hostels in Osmangazi, Nilüfer and Çekirge districts. Especially if you are going with the concept of winter holiday, the thermal and spa hotels located mainly in the Cekirge region will be an ideal choice for you. For winter sports or a nature holiday, the accommodation address is already known: Uludağ!

Transportation routes to Bursa

There are many transportation alternatives to Bursa, which is located in the Southern Marmara Region. Transportation is possible by land, sea or air. In other words, you can go to Bursa with your private car or you can use the intercity buses. Also, if you want to come from Istanbul, you can take the ferry from Pendik and Yenikapi piers or take the sea bus from Kadıköy.

Bursa Yenişehir Airport, which has been operating since 2000, is another option to reach the city. After landing at the airport; You can go by car rental, taxi or bus.

The beauties of Bursa excited you too, didn’t it? To go to this city, which attracts attention in every aspect from its history to its nature, from its appetizing food culture to its museums. Bursa flight ticket You can take!

We wish you a good trip in advance!

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