Causes of Skin Make-up Vomiting

Why does skin make-up vomit?You may be experiencing a question such as “. Those who have to wear a lot of make-up, albeit on a daily basis, and those who prefer to use foundation in their make-up experience this problem more. In fact, what we call vomiting of the skin can be perceived as sweating or making the make-up almost disappear.

This problem is usually a problem that is experienced much more during the hot days of the summer months. The solution to the problem may vary depending on the cause. If sweating occurs on your face other than the two reasons we will explain below, if you experience this problem frequently, not only in hot weather, you will definitely need to see a specialist.

Women, of course, look much more lively and well-groomed by frequently renewing their make-up. However, if you are experiencing this problem by going beyond the make-up refresher range and you trust the products you use in terms of quality, you will need to investigate the source of the problem better. To use guaranteed and real quality cosmetic products, to take care of your skin at least once a month, and to stop using a product that will not work for you immediately; It will also eliminate the causes of make-up vomiting as much as possible.

The First Reason Could Be Your Ten Habits

If you are having a problem such as your skin vomiting make-up, the first reason for this is; It may be because you tend to sweat a lot in general. The products you apply, especially the foundation, may bleed due to sweating, especially in the face, neck and forehead area. Eyeliner, dipliner, and mascara, which are applied by people whose detention is often sweaty, may also start to flow immediately.

If for this reason make-up vomit if you live; You should not use too many creamy cosmetic products. Instead, pressed powder and foundation or even just blush are enough. Matte and dry lipsticks are generally recommended, especially in hot weather. Glossy and semi-wet ones also cause sweating and an ugly appearance on your upper lip area. Our skin always whispers something to us every time we introduce it to a new product. You have to listen to him well.

A Second Reason; Wrong Product Use

Another valid reason for your makeup to be thrown back is; It is caused by not using cosmetics suitable for your skin type. For example; If a person with oily skin uses a cream or make-up that is suitable for dry skin, this can cause extra sweating. Because oil-containing products are produced for dry skin to maintain the oil balance.

If someone who already has oily skin uses this product, the skin will secrete more oil than necessary, causing sweating. In order for your make-up to remain more permanent and porcelain, you must use products suitable for your skin type. You will understand better whether some products are good for your skin or not as you actually use and experience them.

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