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Thanks to the free activities you can do in Istanbul, you can have fun without worrying about your budget. Yes, you heard right. Events that you will not follow on the day the tickets will go on sale and that you will not be hurt by the expensiveness of the stage front. Then if you are ready, let’s explore the things you can do for free in Istanbul.

Free Activities You Can Do in Istanbul, Gazhane Museum, Kadıköy, IstanbulMuseum Gazhane: Istanbul’s New Cultural Center

Museum Gazhane offers enough events to fill your agenda on weekdays and weekends. However, before moving on to the activities at the Museum Gazhane, let’s give some information for those who have not yet discovered this place.

Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, which gave its name to the place, has a history of 130 years. Today, it has been restored and turned into a culture, art and science center. Museum Gazhane, which impresses with its industrial architecture, is a place where you can spend time apart from events. There is a library, co-working space, bookstore, restaurant, cafe and ice cream shop in the Museum Gazhane.

How to go to Museum Gazhane?

Well, we seem to hear you say ‘How to get to the Museum Gazhane?’. The museum is in Gazhane Kadıköy Hasanpaşa. There is also a multi-storey car park in the Museum Gazhane, which is 5 minutes’ walk from the metro and metrobus. You can choose to come by car to attend the events at the Museum Gazhane and spend the rest of the day elsewhere. Daily car rental You can visit Yolcu360 website for options.

Now let’s come to the free events at the Museum Gazhane. Famous names such as Can Bonomo and Lara Di Lara give free concerts every Wednesday at the Museum Gazhane square. On Thursdays, movies are released with a special concept every month. For example, films on Istanbul and Paris were screened in the Cinema and City Memory series. At the same time, the exhibitions in the Museum Gazhane can be visited free of charge.

On the weekends, free workshops such as ballet, watercolor, knitting and caricature are organized for adults. Special events for children such as musical storytelling, juggling and music workshops are held every weekend.

İş Sanat Cultural Center, concert, event, activity, Free Activities You Can Do in Istanbulİş Sanat Cultural Center: Free Activities You Can Do in Istanbul

When you think of İş Sanat Culture Center, do you think of seasonal events, all of which are paid? We also recommend that you explore free events that are not available on the website. For example, you can listen to a concert on Friday to relieve the tiredness of the whole week. Concerts called “Friday Work Out” take place in front of the İş Kuleleri Cybele statue. Until today, Kolektif Istanbul, Baba Zula, Hey! Many popular names such as Douglas and Yeni Türkü took the stage here.

You can also watch radio theaters during the culture and arts season. You can listen to the most popular works of Turkish Literature from the voices of theater actors such as Hakan Gerçek and Tilbe Saran. At the same time, you can get the chance to see how the voice-over is done.

There is also an art gallery in the İş Sanat Cultural Center. You can also visit the exhibitions in the Kibele Art Gallery free of charge. Let’s see, “Where is İş Sanat Cultural Center?” To the answer of the question: İş Sanat Culture Center is at İş Towers in Levent. You can get here by metro or bus.

İKSV Building, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Free Activities You Can Do in IstanbulİKSV Festivals: Free Events

Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about options for tulip card members. İKSV organizes film, music, theater, jazz festivals and biennials at different times throughout the year. Every festival includes free workshops, concerts or events. For example, you can enjoy music outdoors by attending jazz concerts in the parks at the İKSV jazz festival. You can listen to classical music ensembles in various parks of Istanbul during the music festival.

In addition to concerts, you can also attend talks and workshops on culture and art. Let us remind you that İKSV publishes books especially for children at every jazz festival and biennial. In addition, special art activities for children are also held free of charge.

Istanbul Museum of Islamic Science and Technology History, Free Activities You Can Do in Istanbul, Historical, valuable carpets and rugs in the museum collection, oriental carpetsFree Museum Days: Free Activities You Can Do in Istanbul

The museums, which were previously visited with a fee, had special free days for students. Fortunately, everyone can benefit from this application lately. To visit the best art gallery in Istanbul for free, all you need to do is set aside a certain day of the week. So what are the free museum days?

Although Pera Museum closes at 19, it has added an exception for Fridays. The museum can be visited free of charge between 18:00 and 22:00 on Fridays. On Wednesdays, both museum visits and movie screenings are free for students. After reminding that Pera Museum is in Beyoğlu, Tepebaşı, let’s turn our route to Emirgan.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Emirgan is free for everyone on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 20:00. In addition, children under the age of 14 and a companion, health workers, teachers, a disabled person and a companion are free of charge all day. Istanbul Modern is free for all visitors on Thursdays and students on Tuesdays.

istanbul trip, karakoy, kalata tower, estuary, landscape, photo, Free Activities You Can Do In IstanbulMunicipal Events: Istanbul Culture and Art Agenda

You can have fun without getting into Istanbul traffic by going to a concert or theater organized by a municipality near you. Yes, you may not always see popular names at these events. However, sometimes municipalities can organize wonderful cultural and artistic events in cooperation with different institutions. You can follow the event calendars of municipalities located in central places such as Bakırköy, Kadıköy, Kartal, Üsküdar.

You can also attend regular concerts and stand-up shows held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the Istanbul Bookstore. In fact, we recommend that you do not miss the dance workshops organized by municipalities such as lindy-hop and solo jazz. Of course, we also have activity suggestions for book lovers. You can attend book and second-hand book fairs, which are usually held in the fall, listen to author interviews and attend creative writing workshops.

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