How to Use Deodorant?

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How to Use Deodorant?

We have made the definition of deodorant with the information in our topic What is deodorant, now for you. How to use deodorant, How to squeeze the deodorant and the actions to be done before and after using the deodorant are given in order.

Deodorant How to use

  • Deodorant Before using it, you should make sure that the area is clean.
  • It will not make you feel the smell of sweat as it will provide easier absorption in the clean area.
  • Deodorants used by applying have a much higher absorption power.
  • There should be no hair or dirt in the area to be applied. The area must be absolutely clean. It should also be free from moisture.
  • Deodorant Shake well before touching the area.
  • It should be sprayed from a distance of 15 cm and holding the can vertically.
  • Take care to bring the box you hold upright directly over the area,
  • If you hold it sideways or diagonally rather than vertically, you may have some difficulty in making contact with your armpit.
  • You should use your deodorant every day. The biggest mistake in this matter is to use one day and not use it the next day.
  • You should use it every day but avoid too much contact. Spraying once will suffice as long as the right contact is made.
  • Roll-on use should not be avoided as it is a chemical product formulated for daily use.
  • The best time to use deodorant is in the morning.
  • Spray deodorant should be applied directly to clean and dry underarms.
  • It should not be sprayed on clothes.
  • If your deodorant comes into contact with your clothes, the possibility of staining is very high. However, it does not leave permanent properties. Passes in washing
  • It is used by applying deodorants such as roll-on or stick.
  • You can understand how to use it from the apparatus of the deodorant you already use.

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