October 29 Places to Visit: Routes for a 3-Day Holiday

On October 29, we are exploring for places to visit. While experiencing the enthusiasm of celebrating our republic, we discover the beauties of our country. If you are planning to travel on the afternoon of October 28 and on the holiday of October 29, be sure to take a look at our suggestions!

If you got the answer to the question ¨How many days is the October 29 holiday holiday?¨, you, like most people, have started to search for places where you can go on a 3-day holiday. After all, holidays combined with the weekend, such as Friday or Monday, offer a unique opportunity to relax. We have compiled for you the places you can go on a short vacation so that you can make the most of the 29 October Republic Day. Here are 3-day routes that will allow you to take a pleasant break in autumn:

Short Information about 29 October Republic Day

Before moving on to the subject of places we can visit on Republic Day, let’s give a brief information about this blessed holiday. On October 29, 1923, the Turkish Grand National Assembly proclaimed the republic. Thus, sovereignty passed to the nation, that is, to us. Since then, we have been celebrating the Republic Day on October 29.

Assos, Canakkale : 29 October Places to Visit

AssosSince it is close to both Istanbul and Izmir, it is one of the locations that can be preferred for short holidays. Assos, also known as Behramkale today, hosts natural beauties and historical texture together. Let’s explore together these features of Assos that allow you to have a full 3-day holiday.

Located opposite the island of Lesbos, Assos will welcome you with its sparkling sea. Remember, it is still not too late to enjoy the sea. You can enjoy the pleasure of closing the sea season by scuba diving in Assos. Speaking of the sea, of course, we recommend that you do not return without tasting seafood and appetizers in the ancient port of Assos.

You can also visit the ancient city of Assos to look at the sea from above and witness the history. You can reach the ancient city by walking through the stone streets of Behramkale village, 2.5 km from the ancient port of Assos. In the ancient city of Assos, you can visit the Temple of Athena, the amphitheater, the Agora and the Assos Necroprolu.

For a unique sunset view, you can take a break at the Temple of Athena, the summit of the ancient city. You can stop by one of the villages of Babakale, Adatepe or Yeşilyurt to add a cute stop to the return journey.

How to go to Assos?

Assos, which is part of the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, is 429 km from Istanbul and 324 km from İzmir. But don’t let these distances scare you. You can shorten this time by taking the ferry from Eceabat, Kilitbahir or Gallipoli.

It is a good idea to use a car to reach Behramkale from the ancient city and to the villages on the way back. You can visit Yolcu360 to discover affordable car rental options.

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29 october places to visit, amasra, bartin, sea, coastAmasra, Bartin: 29 October Places to Visit

Of course, the 29 October Republic Day holiday routes are not limited to places close to Izmir and Istanbul. Those who want to set off from Central Anatolia and enjoy a 3-day holiday Amasra waiting. You can start your tour by stepping into the warm center of Amasra, where green and blue meet. By visiting the Amasra museum, you can see artifacts from the Ottoman, Genoese, Byzantine, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

You can take your first break in Amasra city tour at the famous fish restaurants of the district. While you’ve eaten in Amasra, we say don’t go back without eating the colorful salad unique to this place. You can also visit the Galla Market, which is set up on Tuesdays and Fridays in the center of Amasra. You can find local delicacies in the market where products produced by women are sold.

Another interesting shopping point of Amasra is the Cekiciler Bazaar. You can find wood-carved local products in the bazaar, which dates back to the 17th century. After this brisk tour, you can sip your tea against the sea in the weeping tree area across the Rabbit Island of Amasra.

The weeping tree takes its name from a cypress tree in the area. The tree creates an image as if it is crying because it gives out the moisture it collects from the sea and air in the spring months.

You can also include stepping on the historical Temere bridge from the Roman period, seeing the Kuşkayası road monument and taking photos in front of the lava columns in your Amasra travel plan.

How to go to Amasra?

Amasra is a district of Bartın in the Western Black Sea Region. You can drive the 287 km road between Ankara and Amasra with your car. By choosing to set off by car, you can add surprise breaks to your holiday trip on October 29.

ahlat, 29 october places to visit, historical placesAhlat, Bitlis: 29 October Places to Visit

Now, in the proposals for the October 29 Republic Day holiday, we turn our route to the east and reach Ahlat, which is located on the shore of Lake Van. To have an extraordinary travel experience, we are exploring Ahlat, which is dazzling with its historical monuments.

The first stop of the tour, Ahlat Seljuk Square Cemetery, is an open-air museum that draws attention with its engravings and is worth seeing with its tombstones up to 3.5 meters. There are 8200 graves belonging to the 12th and 17th centuries in the Ahlat Seljuk Square Cemetery, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage tentative list.

After the Seljuk cemetery, you can visit the Ahlat museum located in the same area. You can examine artifacts from many centuries, from the Chalcolithic Age to the Ottoman Period, in the Ahlat museum. You can also see the Double Vault, İskenderpaşa Mosque, Usta Şagirt Vault, Emir Bayındır Vault and Abdurrahman Gazi tomb in Ahlat, where historical monuments welcome you at every step.

After a journey that smells of history, how about taking a break in nature and resting? You can end your holiday with unique views by visiting the Nemrut crater lake, which is 42 km from Ahlat. For detailed information about Nemrut Crater Lake Nemrut Crater Lake You can read our article.

How to go to Ahlat?

The town of Bitlis, Ahlat, is 63 km from the city center and 178 km from Van. You can make your Ahlat journey in the easiest way by car. You can visit Yolcu360 page to get information about car rental options and plan your October 29 holiday.

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mausoleum trip, mausoleum, atatürk mausoleum, burial chamber, 29 october places to visitAnıtkabir Trip: October 29, Places to Visit

On October 29, you can choose to visit the last resting place of our Father instead of the holiday resort. If you live in Ankara, 1 day of the holiday to Anitkabir You can separate. If you are outside of Ankara, you can plan your holiday on the route of Ankara and its surroundings. Thus, you can spare 1 day for the Anıtkabir trip.

There are many beautiful places you can see in Ankara. For example, the Turkish Grand National Assembly Building, where our republic was declared, would be a good choice. For details Our Ankara travel guide You can review.

Anitkabir tour We have a detailed article about it. Be sure to check it out before visiting our ancestor’s mausoleum!

ataturk house in thessaloniki, 29 october places to visitPlaces to Visit Abroad on October 29: Thessaloniki

We continue our list of places you can visit on October 29 with our overseas offer. How would you like to see our ancestor’s house in Thessaloniki on Republic Day? Moreover, you can reach Greece with a pleasant car journey.

After seeing the Atatürk House in Thessaloniki, you can proceed towards Athens. City life in Athens is very colorful, nightlife is very entertaining. You can taste great appetizers of Greek cuisine in the bars and cafes here. Also, don’t forget to join the sirtaki nights!

We hope you enjoy the October 29 Republic Day holiday. places to visit in october If you are looking for more inspiration on the subject, you can continue from our related content.

What Day Is October 29, 2021?

It falls on a Friday, October 29. So if you combine October 29 with a full-day holiday and a weekend, it turns into a 3-day holiday.

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