Places to Visit in October / Autumn Routes

In October, we go exploring for places to visit. If you have coincided with your holiday in autumn, be sure to take a look at our article. Also, if you are wondering where to go on holiday in Turkey in October, we have prepared some great suggestions for you.

You can go to many places all over Turkey for the October holiday. First you need to decide what kind of holiday you want.

autumn routes, places to visit in octoberPlaces to Visit in October: Where Should We Go?

Where should we go in October? First of all, what kind of holiday do you want? Is it a holiday where you will discover the colors of autumn and integrate with nature? Or to be refreshed while sipping your drink against the sea and the sunset? Are you going to use the weekend for vacation or are you thinking of a long vacation?

If you are thinking of the sea and the sunset, you can choose the Mediterranean and Aegean regions in Turkey. You can also consider the Black Sea region to explore nature, but let’s say that it can rain in this season. In addition, if you are planning a holiday abroad in the fall, it would be better to choose countries in the southern hemisphere for warm climates.

October Public Holidays

In October, 29 October Republic Day is a public holiday. In 2021, the feast falls on a Friday. So together with the weekend, we can enjoy a three-day holiday.

places to visit in autumn, places to visit in october, lake view, forest viewPlaces to Visit on October 29

Where can you go on 29 October Republic Day? We chose 3 routes to address the meaning and importance of the day.

mausoleum tour, mausoleum, atatürk mausoleum, burial chamberAnkara Anitkabir Tour

On October 29, Republic Day, you can visit the resting place of Great Leader Atatürk. If you want to spend a 3-day holiday in and around Ankara, Anitkabir tour and Places to visit in Ankara at the weekend Check out our article.

Izmir Travel

3 days to evaluate the holiday Travel to Izmir You can also consider. There are many historical places in Izmir where you can get information about our republic.

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places to visit in autumn, thessaloniki bazaarThessaloniki Travel

How about discovering Greece at the weekend? There is Atatürk House in Thessaloniki. You can spend 1 day here. How to get from Turkey to Greece by car If you are wondering, be sure to check out our related article.

on vacation on October 29 If you are planning to go, you can continue with our related content.

Abant lake, Örencik, bolu, lake view, mountain and nature pictures, places to visit in autumnPlaces to Visit in October for Nature and Peace

There are many beautiful places you can go in October in Turkey, which is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. If you couldn’t take a vacation in the summer, you can enjoy the autumn on the routes we recommend.

Cumalıkızık village, places to visit in octoberCumalıkızık: Places to Visit in October

Cumalıkızık, which stands out among the places you can visit in October with its calmness and peace, is a cute village of Bursa. Especially Cumalıkızık weather conditions are ideal for walking around in autumn. Mavi Yıldız Cumalıkızık is a nice spot to have a village breakfast. First, have your Cumalıkızık Bursa village breakfast. Afterwards, you can take wonderful shots of Cumalıkızık stone houses with your camera.

Village where Kınalı Snow Series was shot: Cumalıkızık

We are in the village where the famous Kınalı Snow TV series was filmed. You can also see the house where the shooting took place by following the signs for Kınalı Kar Ağa’s Mansion. You can also visit the Ethnography Museum and the Cumalıkızık Mosque, which is estimated to be 300 years old, and the Cumalıkızık Bath.

More detailed information about Cumalıkızık From the Cumalıkızık travel guide you can reach.

Cappadocia landscape, places to visit in autumn, places to visit in OctoberCappadocia: Places to Visit in October

Another place that attracts attention among the places to visit in autumn is without a doubt. Cappadocia! The fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, where you will be fascinated by their natural formations, look more unique in the light of autumn. Especially, you should see the Cappadocia Ihlara Valley. You will feel like you are in another part of time at Göreme Open Air Museum with its rock-carved chapels.

Balloon tour is a tradition in Cappadocia. In addition, Cappadocia is the most romantic honeymoon destination for those who will get married in the spring. While you are in Cappadocia, do not forget to see Asmalı Konak.

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moryayla, seven lakes, places to visit in octoberYedigoller: Places to Visit in October

Yedigöller is perhaps the most famous of the places you can visit in October. It consists of 7 lakes as Büyükgöl, Seringöl, Deringöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, İncegöl and Sazlıgöl. Thus, Yedigöller, which takes its name from here, is also the home of many animals. Pig, fox, squirrel, deer, roe deer, marten, rabbit, wild duck, wild pigeon and partridge are just some of the animals you can see.

Yedigöller, which has over 100 bird species, is also ideal for camping. Yedigöller campground gives you the opportunity to wake up in a colorful forest. Especially Yedigöller National Park is ideal for camping.

How to go to Yedigöller from Bursa?

The answer to the question of how many kilometers between Bursa and Yedigöller is 334.5 km. Bursa car rental You can reach it at the end of a 4-hour journey. The answer to the question of how many kilometers from Istanbul Yedigöller is 302 kilometers. Istanbul car rental You can reach it at the end of a 3-hour journey.

Yedigoller travel guide You can find more detailed information by reading our content.

Köyceğiz, Muğla, places to visit in OctoberKoycegiz: Places to Visit in October

There is a camping area by the lake in Köyceğiz, which is surrounded by greenery and right in the middle of nature. Koycegiz Lake on one side and green forest on the other. While you’re at it, don’t leave without tasting the famous Köyceğiz honey and Köyceğiz breakfast.

Koycegiz is also suitable for rental houses. You can easily go with your family and loved ones. In particular, you should definitely see Köyceğiz Roundcay. Koycegiz bays and their beautiful natural beauty are among the places you can visit in October.

How to get to Koycegiz from Dalaman Airport?

Dalaman Airport car rental You should definitely try the camping area and Köyceğiz, which can be reached in 1 hour via Köyceğiz by using the D550 and D400 highways. It is about 1 hour from Koycegiz to Fethiye.

Cappadocia, honeymoon, places to go for honeymoon in october

Where to go on honeymoon in October

We are exploring the places where you can go in October for your honeymoon. If you have coincided with your happy days in October, it means that there are many routes you can go both in and out of the country. Where should we go for our honeymoon in October?

Ölüdeniz, Muğla, places to visit in OctoberIn the Heart of Nature: Ölüdeniz, Muğla

Our first recommendation to those who want to go on a honeymoon in October is Ölüdeniz. There are many beautiful boutique hotels in Fethiye’s natural wonder neighborhood. If you are thinking of a romantic holiday where you can be alone in a vintage atmosphere, choose boutique hotels. If you want everything to come our way, let’s spend our time only with each other, choose all-inclusive honeymoon hotels.

Is Oludeniz cold in October? It is not as hot as in the summer period; but not cold either. Let’s say warm! But in October, rain can rarely be seen here. If you want to swim on your honeymoon, we recommend you to choose hotels with heated pools.

How to go to Ölüdeniz from Muğla?

There is a distance of approximately 212 km from Milas Bodrum Airport to Ölüdeniz. You can reach Ölüdeniz in an average of 3 hours via the D400 road by car.

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Bozcaada, places to visit in October, coast, coast, beachThe Island of the Happiest Days: Bozcaada

You will go on your honeymoon in October, definitely add Bozcaada to your options.

Why? Firstly, Bozcaada’s sea is mostly warm during September and October. Sometimes even hotter than summer! In addition, the crowd in Bozcaada has decreased. Thus, you can easily explore every corner of this charming island.

Bozcaada is famous for its restaurants as well as its nature. And if you love seafood, there are some great places to explore here. We wandered around and found two restaurants that received full marks from their visitors.

first one on the duvet. This place is quite assertive about seafood! If you go, be sure to ask for Ada delight as a hot starter. also Hasan Tefik. In a word, this place has surpassed the island-specific appetizers!

If you love olive oil, you will leave your heart here… Also How to get from Istanbul to Bozcaada If you are wondering, be sure to check out our related article.

couple photo in italy nature, places to visit in october, honeymoonDiscover the Colors of Autumn in Italy!

If you are planning to go abroad for your honeymoon, we would say consider Italy. The land of romance turns into a truly fairy-tale place with the colors of autumn. Besides, there is the Verdi festival in October in Parma. If you are a fan of opera, you will never forget this festival…

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