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Tarsus Zoo
Tarsus Nature Park (Zoo) – Mersin

One of the places that is curious about where it is in the Tarsus district of Mersin should be to spend time in the Tarsus Nature Park (Zoo)! In the zoo, which is the most socially interesting place in the region, you can explore the unique species of animals.

It offers a great activity opportunity, especially for families with children. You can take a short tour with your loved ones in the zoo where you can observe people of all ages.

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Tarsus Nature Park (Tarsus Zoo)

Tarsus Nature Park, one of the most interesting attractions of Tarsus, is located on the east side of the Tarsus Dam. It is possible to mention that the zoo, which has been in service since 2014, has been designed in an ideal way. about 110 thousand meters2 It is one of the remarkable features of the zoo that it is built on an area and offers wide living spaces for animals.

Tarsus Zoo - Mersin
Tarsus Zoo – Mersin

The garden, which is financed by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and structured for the people of Tarsus to see different animal species, has unique species. The zoo, which has close to 100 different species, is developing in order to increase its quality and reach a better point. At this point, it should be mentioned that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has a desire to move the zoo to Class A.

Activities and Facilities

Tarsus Nature Park - Mersin
Where is Tarsus Nature Park and Activities

Although the activities that can be done in Tarsus Nature Park are very limited, spending time here will be fun for you as it is for many people. It will be possible for your children to meet living species in this place, where you can closely discover species you have never seen before.

Well, what kinds of creatures are there in this wonderful place in Tarsus?

  • Lion
  • Kaplan
  • Monkey
  • Zebra
  • Lemur
  • Babun
  • Lynx
  • anaconda
  • Long
  • Puma
  • Pony

It is possible to examine all these species more closely in the Tarsus Nature Park, also known as the Tarsus Zoo. Moreover, seeing these animals is not just about the activities that can be done! Here are the activities you can do with your loved ones.

Walk: You can feel the naturalness by taking short walks in Tarsus Nature Park, which is designed as a wonderful place in greenery. Since it is built on a very large area, you will have the chance to examine living things while walking in the garden, which offers walking opportunities. It is necessary to emphasize again that this zoo is an interesting place, with the design of the walking paths and the presence of benches in places.

Photo Shoots: It is free to take photos in the zoo, which has turned into one of the fun options for children as well as adults. For this reason, you can take pictures with animals that interest your children. In addition, you can photograph creatures you have never seen before to show them to your relatives or friends.

You will be surprised at which animal you will see during your trip to Tarsus Nature Park, which will turn into a fun and interesting experience. After a 2-hour tour, you can leave here by collecting unforgettable memories.

Recreation Area: Even though it is not within the borders of the zoo, the promenade at the entrance is one of the options for those who come here to have a pleasant time. You will have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones in nature in this promenade area, which is a very special option for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city. Therefore, we can say that a wonderful experience awaits you.

Visiting Hours and Entry Fees: 2021

Visiting hours: There are 2 different entry-exit times for Tarsus Nature Park in summer and winter periods. The zoo, which opens at 09:00 in the winter period, serves until 17:00. In summer, service hours are between 09:00 and 18:00.

Entrance fee: Adults who want to enter the zoo are charged 8 TL per person. For students, the fee is 6 TL. Children under the age of 6 are free of charge.

Tarsus Nature Park Transportation Information

Address: Kavaklı, Berdan Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Pk: 33400 – Tarsus / Mersin

Telephone: (0324) 626 33 34

Where?: To go to the zoo, which is about 27 km away from the town center of Tarsus, you need to choose public transportation or a private vehicle.

How to go?: Those who want to come here with their private vehicles should turn north from the Yeni Hal junction in the Mersin – Tarsus direction and proceed 1.5 km before reaching the district. Next to the Shell gas station, you should turn right and continue straight for 7 km. At the end of the road, the zoo will meet you.

Location information

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