The most beautiful smelling festival in the world begins: Istanbul Coffee Festival 2021

Praise for coffee

Dozens of delicious coffees await the visitors of the Istanbul Coffee Festival.

You know, you’ve heard; Coffee is the most traded product in the world after crude oil, so precious. About half a trillion cups of coffee are consumed each year around the world. Statistics say that 95 out of 100 people in Turkey like coffee very much, there is no doubt that we know the taste in our mouths.

Rewind history

The coffee fruit goes through long stages from the branch to the cups.

There are many stories about the history of coffee and how it entered our lives; but none are certain. Listen to the story of the goats, the most well-known among them: According to the rumor, the Arabs who were shepherds in Ethiopia, in the borders of Abyssinia of the time, observed that the goats stayed awake for days and were full of energy. Naturally, goats were pursued; The animals were consuming a plant that had not been seen before, and they were surprised. When they took the plant and took it to a wise dervish, it turned out that this berry has similar effects on humans. The plant, which we now call coffee, was initially ground into flour and mixed into bread dough… That coffee was boiled in water and drunk after a while, and then it has survived to this day.

What is this coffee festival? When where?

Istanbul Coffee Festival has been cheering up Istanbul since 2014.

Let’s answer it item by item:

  • The festival, which has been in our lives since 2014, is considered the largest coffee festival in Europe by those who know the business.
  • Istanbul Coffee Festival will be held on 07-08-09-10 October 2021, four days in a row, around Küçükçiftlik Park.

What’s in the Istanbul Coffee Festival?

In addition to coffee and delicious accompaniments, many workshops and concerts take place at the festival.

The Istanbul Coffee Festival, known as the “Festival That Awakens the City”, is a rich event that brings quality coffee, different brewing methods, and the best coffee accompaniments to coffee lovers. There are concerts, seminars and workshops on it. From the principles of coffee roasting to the post-pandemic beverage trends, there will be many workshops that will open the mind and broaden the horizon; Many musicians, from famous names that most of us know well to young and promising talents, will be on stage for four days. There are a total of 32 concerts in the event, four concerts in each session. Jabbar, Fikri Karayel, Feridun Düzağaç and Gökhan Türkmen are some of the artists who will cheer up the stage at the Istanbul Coffee Festival.

Few better ways to spend a fulfilling weekend in the city this season, don’t you think?

Covid-19 precautions

Events and our old life have returned to some extent; but there are still rules and rules that we all need to pay attention to and follow for our health. That’s exactly why before you go to the Istanbul Coffee Festival, do not forget to take a look at the measures listed below! Your coffee is plentiful, always remember!

Covid-19 precautions

While attending the festival:

* Double vaccination,

* Persons who do not have a PCR test performed a maximum of 48 hours ago or a previous disease (according to the period of scientific immunity after Covid-19 disease) will not be admitted to the event area. Tickets will not be refunded to participants who do not meet these conditions.

– At the entrance of the event, the HEPP code will be inquired through the “Hayat Eve Sığar” application.

Due to the Covid -19 measures, attention should be paid to the session hours.

– Due to Covid -19 measures, it is mandatory for visitors to come to the area with a mask.

– All participants must comply with the rules applied within the scope of Covid -19.

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