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    Open Air Museums in Turkey | Best Outdoor Museums

    We take you on a dazzling, historical journey with a list of open-air museums in Turkey. If you are looking for an enjoyable alternative to the sea, sun and sand trio for your holiday, these historical locations are for you.…

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    A city worth tiring: places to visit in Bursa

    Bursa offers a truly wonderful combination of places to visit, historical importance, cuisine and nature. Whether you’re on a long vacation or a little weekend getaway, it’s impossible to get bored here. But let’s say in advance, when you get…

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    Museum Gazhane | Where, History, Visit and Entry Fee

    Museum Gazhane – Istanbul Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, which is considered as one of the most important places that sheds light on the history of Istanbul, has turned into a wonderful living space for both Istanbulites and history lovers as the Museum…

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    Natural Monuments in Our Country | 10 Most Beautiful Places

    Natural Monuments in Our Country – Turkey Turkey is an excellent country that draws attention with its historical and natural beauties. All the beauties it houses, from waterfalls to recreation areas, Monuments and Historical Museums, fascinate both local and foreign…

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    Where are Forgotten Items Sold at the Airport?

    Where are Forgotten Items Sold at the Airport? – Turkey Items forgotten at the airport begin to be prepared for disposal after waiting in a warehouse for a long time. So where is it sold? Because storing every forgotten item…