Turkish History Museum and Park | Where, Visit and Entry Fee

Turkish History Museum - Ankara
Turkish History Museum and Park – Ankara

Ankara is a unique city that contains many works related to Turkish history. The Turkish History Museum and Park is one of the nature-friendly places that has been wondering where it is lately. Ankara, which is the heart of Turkey, has beautiful parks and historical areas.

AnkaraIf you happen to be in Istanbul, you should definitely visit this park, which is reflected in the most beautiful form of Turkish history. Now, let’s examine all the details about this beautiful park, where Turkish history is revealed.

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Brief Information About the Turkish History Museum and Park

Turkish History Museum - Ankara
Turkish History Museum – Ankara

The Turkish History Museum has a narrative starting from the Scythian/Saka period. It is possible to see Göktürk khans and women, Seljuk sultans, War of Independence commanders, Ottoman sultans, famous Turkish thinkers, representatives and scientists of the Turkish Republic, artists, writers and poets of the Republican period in this park. At the same time, compositions of Ergenekon Epic, Kürşat and 40 Çerisi, Conquest of Istanbul, War of Independence and Çanakkale War are among the details found in the park. The 4 different sculptures in the museum make the museum have a much more unique appearance.

Turkish History Park - Ankara
Turkish History Park – Ankara

The park generally consists of an area of ​​60 thousand square meters. In the park, where there are 200 sculptures, there is also an indoor museum of 7 thousand square meters. Inside the museum, there are items that reflect different historical textures.

The park, which has a large conference hall for 650 people, also includes a multi-purpose artistic exhibition hall. With a library of 10 thousand books, the park is a great place for book lovers. This library, which contains unknown works about Turkish history, is an area that history buffs will love.

Possible Activities and Opportunities

Where is the Turkish History Museum and Park and Activities
Where is the Turkish History Museum and Park and Activities

Within the scope of the park, there are the Göktürk State Area and 1453 Conquest Area, 17 Great Turkish States Area, Great Turkish Intellectuals Area, Islamic Period Important Turkish Elders Area, 7 Turkish Elders’ Areas representing the Turkish Republics, the War of Independence Area and the Çanakkale War Area. There are many artifacts that will increase your general culture and love for history in the park, where there is a parking lot and disabled service.

Turkish History Museum
Inside the Museum

This perfect park, which has the feature of making a journey into history, has become the heart of Ankara. The park, which has recently been opened to the taste of its visitors, is a project designed as an education center and implemented within this scope.

What’s in?: There are replicas of Gokturk and Uyghur monuments in the park, which also allows different works of art to be made with a 1500-seat amphitheater. 7 different compositions, 4 panoramic paintings, and 3 Phrygian reliefs describing different periods of Turkish history also allow you to see the history much more closely.

In addition to these mentioned, Ankara Architecture Model, Turkish Maritime Board, Turkish Aviation Board, Turkish Architecture Board, Turkish Archeology Board, Turkish Science History Board, Turcologists Board and interactive learning equipment are presented in the museum. This park, which has no other example in the world, will fascinate everyone who sees it.

Restaurant and Cafe: There is also a restaurant and cafe in the Turkish History Museum and park. The restaurant and cafe, which allows visitors to relax by consuming both healthy and delicious food and drinks, attract attention with their stylish appearance. There are also special menus for children. In this context, visitors can easily meet their food and drink needs in the restaurant and cafe in the museum.

Visiting Hours and Entry Fee: 2021

Visiting hours: The Turkish history museum and park starts accepting visitors at 10:00 every day except Mondays. The last time the museum accepts visitors is 18.00.

Entrance fee: Currently, there is no entrance fee. If there is a change, information about the fee will be added to our article.

Turkish History Museum and Park Transportation Information

Address: Baglica, Cambayiri Cd. No: 89, Pk: 06790 – Etimesgut / Ankara

Telephone: (0312) 939 98 21

Where?: It is very easy to reach the museum, which is located in the Baglica district of Ankara. You can easily find the museum by reaching the town of Bağlıca.

How to go?: Çambayırı cd. to the park 534 – 597 – 597-1 You can easily reach it by busses.

Location information

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