What Would Our Home Look Like If We Lived On Another Planet?

It’s hard to imagine life on a planet other than Earth when it comes to the solar system. Of course, this does not prevent researchers from dreaming. Although our knowledge about space is quite limited, almost all of us are curious about life in space. So let’s put our fears aside today and assume that space does not pose any danger to us. So what would houses on different planets look like in such a scenario? We searched for the answers to this question for you. Here are the fun houses designed by considering the different living conditions on the planets…

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Planets in the Solar System and Their Properties


Extreme heat waves, meteor showers, earthquakes and intense sunlight… Mercury is not a planet you would want to build a house on. So you will need an underground bunker. To access water, it may be a good idea to settle near the ice sheet. Of course, you shouldn’t forget solar panels! The good news is that you can easily reach your loved ones around the world. Because signals from Mercury reach Earth within 5 minutes.


Life on Venus, the second closest planet to the sun, is more difficult than you might imagine. If you go 50 km from the surface of Venus, you can capture an environment close to Earth’s, because gravity and atmospheric pressure are almost the same. Therefore, you have to live inside an airship without touching the surface. Let’s also remind you that if you want to have neighbors, you have to hang your zeppelins on the gondolas.


Pluto, which has been debated for years as a planet, is freezing cold and covered with glaciers. So you can take inspiration from igloos to live on Pluto. Vertical houses made of ice can protect you from radiation. Additionally, because of Pluto’s position, you need strong light sources. Of course, we should not forget about a heating system that will not melt the ice.


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Life on Jupiter, a large gaseous mass, is difficult, but not impossible. Your home needs a special system to survive Jupiter’s dense clouds. This system will also help you keep the necessary oxygen inside. There is no room for stairs in this house as you will be moving slower due to gravity and pressure! Let’s not forget that Jupiter has dozens of moons, so you will have a wonderful view.


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Just like other gaseous bodies, Saturn does not have a solid surface, so you cannot technically live on it. So your house needs to be a bubble floating in Saturn’s atmosphere. Also, since the weather forecast includes diamond rains, it is imperative that you protect the roof of your house.

Uranus and Neptune

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These two planets do not have a solid surface as they are made up of liquids. You definitely need a ship to live around here. The gravity on these planets is much stronger than on Earth. So the pressure is also quite high. To stay warm on Uranus and Neptune, you must build an insulated house and illuminate each room with LEDs that mimic natural light.


on other planets

You don’t need to imagine life on Mars, also known as the Red Planet. Because the architects have already prepared the prototypes. The most impressive feature of these houses is that they are designed as a shell that will withstand the dust storms on Mars and sustain the daylight. In addition, it even has an inner garden that will allow you to grow vegetables and fruits!

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