What You Need to Know About the 13 Highest Alcoholic Drinks

People who use alcohol generally consume alcohol by considering its effect beyond its taste. The amount of alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages is the percentage of pure alcohol it contains. This amount of alcohol, which starts from 5%, usually goes up to 40%. However, there are such drinks in various parts of the world that the alcohol content in real terms may surprise you. But let’s not forget, these alcohols are alcohols that are officially banned for sale in most of the world or whose softened versions are legal. So what are the highest spirits? Whiskey alcohol rate, tequila alcohol rate, gin alcohol rate and more in this content. We have listed the 13 drinks with the highest alcohol content for you. Let’s take a quick look at our list of the strongest drinks consumed in the world.

1. Absent / %75

What are high alcoholic beverages? Our first answer to this question will be Absent. Absent, whose sale is prohibited in Turkey as in many countries, is at the top of our list with 75% alcohol. This drink is also called fairy, the green fairy. The biggest reason for this is a legend that is believed to really show the green fairy when you drink a double or two. The sale of this drink, which contains approximately 75% – 85% alcohol, is banned almost all over the world. In the Czech Republic and Poland, the production of the banned liquor continues. Absent is a liquor consumed illegally in many parts of the world. Although a similar drink called Absenta is produced in many parts of Europe, this drink is only 9-to-1 effective compared to the original.

Absinthe, which has a serious effect and can cause instant damage to the internal organs, begins to show its effect as soon as you drink it. Absent, which is quite hard and has a high alcohol content, starts to get drunk as soon as it is drunk. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that it is a drink that has a guaranteed effect when you take the first sip. This high alcohol drink is produced mainly from green anise and wormwood. However, more than one plant is distilled and added to the content of this drink, depending on its content and the region where it is produced. This drink, which is thought to have emerged in the 1800s, is in the dangerous category because it contains the substances contained in many drugs, especially marijuana. It is also known that many famous artists created their works after drinking some of this drink.

2. Coruba Rom /% 74

The second place on our list is Cuban-made rum. So how much alcohol is in rum? Coruba Rum, with an alcohol content of 74%, is a type of drink that is generally known to be produced in island countries. Rum, which is usually produced in island countries and attracts attention with its strong drink, is a drink consumed in many countries. Rum produced in Jamaica contains around 80% alcohol. In Europe and many parts of the world, rum is offered for sale with an alcohol content reduced to around 40%. This drink is produced by fermenting sugarcane molasses and mixing pure alcohol into it. The dark-colored and colorless variety of rum is much heavier than the other. Caramel is used in the coloring process of rums and leaves a pleasant taste on the palate.

3. Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal Liqueur /% 68

“What are high-alcohol drinks?” Another answer to our question is Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal, a French liqueur with 68% alcohol, which is ranked 3rd in our list. This liqueur is a French liqueur that has been produced by monks of the Chartree Order since the 18th century and its recipe is kept secret. The color of the drink is close to shades of green. It is estimated that there are more than 100 herbs in the content of Chartrez, which is a very sharp and strong drink. Today, it is meticulously prepared with a secret formula by only two monks in the Great Chartre Monastery. It is known that the formula was only allowed to be known by two monks at the same time. The “Chartreusse Elixir Vegetal” model of this liqueur, which contains an average of 55% alcohol, has an alcohol content of around 68%. Let’s note that the effect is quite pronounced and it is a strong drink.

4. New Raki Hide / 68%

What are high alcoholic beverages? We continue the list with Yeni Rakı Giz. Giz is a raki produced with an alcohol content of around 68%. It is aged in oak barrels. Among the drinks containing high alcohol, Giz ranks 4th on our list. The alcohol content of new raki varies, but Giz has the highest alcohol content among them.

5. Altinbas Raki / 50%

Attracting attention with its 50% alcohol content compared to other raki in the market, Altınbaş raki ranks 5th in our list of high spirits.

6. Aquavit / %50

We can say that this drink is the most important drink of Scandinavia. Although it contains around 45% alcohol on average, this rate reaches around 50% in some regions. In addition, some Aquavits, which are prohibited for sale, have a much higher alcohol content. A drink obtained by distilling potatoes and flavoring them with various herbs. Reminiscent of Vodka, Aquavit contains herbs such as dill and coriander. Some varieties also contain sugar or salt. We can say that these ingredients make the drink harder and more effective. Aquavit is a very common type of high alcohol drink, especially in Norway.

7. Gilbey’s Cin / %47,5

Gilbey’s Gin, which is among the drink brands, is in the 7th place of our list. Mainly cereals, coriander juniper, angelica root, licorice root, fennel, cinnamon, etc. A colorless and smooth drink produced by co-distillation of herbs. Gilbey’s Gin, which also has an intense aroma, has an alcohol content of around 47.5%.

8. Calvados Konyak / 46%

What are high alcoholic beverages?

Delicious grapes are grown in the vineyards of Cognac, France. Then a wine is obtained from these grapes and this wine is distilled. Among the cognacs produced by aging the wine in barrels, Calvados has the highest alcohol content of 46%.

9. New Raki / 45%

Yeni Rakı, which takes its taste from a mixture of 20 different grapes, ranks 9th in our list of spirits with 45% alcohol content. The alcohol content of the new raki is lower than that of Giz.

10. Chivas Regal Viski / %40

What are high alcoholic beverages?

Chivas Regal, a whiskey brand, is in the 10th place of the list with 40% alcohol content. Considering the alcohol content of whiskey, let’s note that it is the whiskey with the highest percentage.

11. Absolute Vodka / %40

What is the alcohol percentage of vodka? Absolute vodka, which is a drink with 40% alcohol content and whose raw material is blended with rye, wheat and similar grains, is in the 11th place of our list.

12. Olmeca Tequila / 38%

What are high alcoholic beverages?

If we need to talk about the alcohol content of tequila, we can continue our list with Olmeca Tequila with an alcohol content of 38%. Tequila is a Mexican alcoholic drink named after Tequila, a town in the state of Jalisco.

13. Tuborg Red /% 7.5

What is the alcohol percentage of beer? Which beer has the highest alcohol? What is the alcohol percentage of Red Tuborg? While completing our list, we do not pass without answering these questions. According to official records, the hardest and sharpest beer in the world is the beer named ‘The End of History’ produced by BrewDog, a Scottish brand with 32 percent alcohol content. However, Tuborg Red is one of the most preferred beers in the market with its strong drink. In addition, it is distinguished by its higher alcohol content than other beers. This sets it apart from other beers. Tuborg Red alcohol rate was announced as 7.5%.

Bonus: How do hard and different types of liquor affect people’s mood?

What are high alcoholic beverages?

A new study underlines that different types of drinks change people’s moods in different ways. According to the study, whose findings were published in BMJ Open, a medical journal, and which was prepared with 30,000 participants from 21 countries, high alcohol drinks can make people angry and sad. At the same time, hard drinks make people feel more pleasant and attractive. Red wine and beer are in the category of drinks that relax people. Within the scope of the research, participants aged 18-34 are offered beer, wine and spirits and asked how they feel.

According to research results, red wine induces more sleep than white wine. Participants state that they feel comfortable while drinking red wine and beer. 40 percent of the respondents said that they find themselves more attractive when they drink a strong, sharp drink. More than 50 percent of the participants underline that hard drink gives them energy and confidence. However, one in three participants in the study stated that they felt “more irritable and aggressive” when they drank high alcohol. Hard drink consumption is associated with more intense aggression, discomfort and sadness compared to all other types of drink. It is among the results of the research that the consumption of all alcoholic beverages reveals the feeling of aggression much more in men than in women.

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